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Ua ‘Mrunesca

From Invernenga grapes, an exclusive relic vine of the Brescia area, on the slopes of Mount Orfano, only from old plants, we produce very few examples of our "Ua 'mbrunesca", a wine with a complex scent of almonds and honey.

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VINEYARDS The grapes come from old vines of the “Montorfano” vineyard in Rovato.


YIELD 50 hl/ha 

HARVEST By hand with selection of the grapes and transport in small crates starting from the second week of September. 

VINIFICATION The grapes are crushed and destemmed; then follows a soft pressing and fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature (16 ° C). Malolactic fermentation not carried out. The wine ages until the following spring on the fine lees. It is then bottled and refined for a further period of 6-9 months in the bottle.


DESCRIPTION Straw yellow color. The classic notes of almond, hazelnut and honey typical of the vine are perceptible to the nose. Balanced taste, with good persistence and elegance.