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The fineness, harmony and search for the right expression of the environment this Curtefranca bianco grows in, are the foundations of the style Santa Lucia gives to this wine.
Its Chardonnay grapes, carefully selected during years to enhance their aromatic characteristics, create a fresh and elegant wine, with a good level of sapidity.
It is characterized by strong scents of fruit and delicate white floral notes.
Ideal for a wide range of pairing, especially with first courses and lake fish dishes.

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GRAPES 100% Chardonnay

VINEYARDS The grapes come from different vineyards spread over various towns in Franciacorta at an average height of 250 meters above sea level.
Average age of plants: 10 years

TRAINING SYSTEM Guyot 5000 plants / ha

HARVEST Manual with grape selection and transport in small boxes from the last week of August

WINEMAKING After the soft pressing of the grapes, the musts ferment in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature of 16-18 ° C while maintaining each vineyard separate. Then follows an aging on lees until the spring following the harvest, when the wines made from different vineyards are assembled for bottling. 

ALCOHOL 12% vol

DESCRIPTION Pale yellow color. Fresh and elegant, with good sapidity. The nose is slightly fruity with notes of white flowers.